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Let’s be frank. The skin care world can be a bit overwhelming and oversaturated. We’re tired of seeing shelves cluttered with dozens of individuals supplements that target skin holistically, rather than for specific concerns.


The worst part of the cluttered shelf?


Understanding and deciding which products and vitamins will work for your lifestyle as well as your skin. Many of us believe that optimal skin health can be achieved through the use of exclusively topical products, when we should dig deeper and encourage thriving skin from a cellular level as well as topical level. A lifestyle high in crucial vitamins and minerals can repair your skin from the inside out.


Our founder created Leulo after losing a significant amount of weight and noticing that her skin was experiencing changes that topical skin care could not resolve. Although she followed a strict and healthy diet, she wasn’t receiving the optimal nutrients needed for her skin to adjust to new changes in her body.


Pulling from over a decade of knowledge learned through a career in the skincare industry and insight from a team of doctors, she knew that supplements were the key to better skin. The problem was that there weren’t many products on the market that provided the right combination and doses of supplements that targeted the nutritional and aesthetic side. Inspired, she wanted to create an all-in-one supplement that took the guesswork out of deciding which and how much of each supplement was needed to achieve healthy skin.


Leulo was created out of the need for one supplement with many benefits — one that helps your skin from the inside out.  With Leulo, you get a product that easily fits into your daily routine and improves the overall health of your skin.

Help us Empower Women around us.

Skin, in general, is a tricky concept. It’s our largest organ and is highly susceptible to external factors. While some naturally have great skin, others struggle to maintain skin integrity due to their genetic makeup, medical issues or environment.  As part of Leulo’s overall mission of empowering women to feel comfortable in their skin, particularly when a sickness like cancer causes uncontrollable changes in their skin and complexion, we will donate a portion of proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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