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For a healthier and youthful complexion

Our signature Bounce Back Blend is the all-in-one supplement your skin has been waiting for. Composed of 16 carefully selected ingredients that support and enhance your skin’s regenerative process from a cellular level, the Bounce Back Blend smooths and hydrates skin, supports skin elasticity and fights against damaging free radicals. Leulo’s potent formula encourages skin health from the inside out through the use of age-defying vitamins, adaptogens and antioxidants, collagen and hyaluronic acid combined to enhance your skin and promote a youthful complexion.


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For hydrated and rejuvenated skin

The secret to achieving  flawless skin? A supplement blend that helps nourish and hydrate skin from within to support skin elasticity, appearance, and texture. Using a rich skin-replenishing blend of vitamins, hydrating ceramides, and free radical fighting antioxidants,   the Dew Elixir encourages collagen synthesis while coaxing the skin to repair and moisturize itself from the inside out resulting in smoother, fuller and plumper skin.

Leulo is a result of over a decade of industry knowledge and passion for incorporating nutrition into our beauty routines. Through input and expertise from close partnerships in the skincare industry, Leulo has created a product line that contains ingredients scientifically tested and truly beneficial to the skin.


In an effort to supplement necessary nutrients needed to live a life of vitality ,ingredient in our formulations are backed by scientific evidence that supports its value in skincare and has a proven effect.


Explore each ingredient used in Leulo products to understand why we chose specific ingredients to power our supplements. INGREDIENTS 

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